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Linklines Research is a Yorkshire based research service established in 1998 by Ian Marson, a genealogist of over 30 years experience. Linklines offers a wide range of genealogical research solutions and has over many years traced thousands of relatives for hundreds of personal, corporate and legal clients in many parts of the world. 

In partnership with Borderlines Research and colleague Janet Bishop an equally experienced genealogist and probate researcher based in Scotland we offer a complete cross-border solution for all your research needs.

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Family History
  • Genealogical Research
  • Full Family Histories Compiled
  • Certificate Ordering (Birth, Marriage and Death)
  • Document Collection Service
  • Archival Research UK wide
  • Family Tree Verification
  • Ancestral Tourism

  Legal Services
  • Tracing Beneficiaries
  • Family lines or named individuals traced
  • Full family trees constructed
  • Expert witness services
  • Document tracing and ordering 
  • Property research
  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance
  • Free advice, help and support service